About us

Why ShopReuse?

We are here to eliminate construction waste. And we want to help you remodel your home for less!

According to the EPA, 45 million tons of construction material ends up in US landfills each year.  At the same time, the cost of new construction material is at an all-time high, contributing to our country‚Äôs affordable housing crisis.  But a lot of the material that ends up in landfills is not at the end of its life. This is material that can be reused, and is often practically brand new.  Kitchen sinks, toilets, carpets, cabinets, wooden floors–all items that builders, in a hurry to finish remodeling jobs for lucrative clients, are paying to haul away to landfills.  Value lost.  

This is where we come in. To capture this value. We prevent this value from ending up in landfills.  ShopReuse means less waste, more construction materials for building, and less environmental degradation from new resources.  We work with Reuse centers who are already doing this incredible mission and we help them save even more material from ending up in landfills. But we also want everyone to enjoy the benefits of reuse.

  • Help protect our environment. Less resources and less waste. 
  • Get one-of-a-kind materials for a fraction of their cost. 
  • Remodeling? Save money by not having to pay for waste disposal.
  • Join us!

Who is Behind This?

ShopReuse was started by Juan Diaz, a first generation American and MIT grad who wanted to do something to help reduce waste while still making sure people had beautiful things. After moving to the United States from Colombia in 1999, following his American dream led him to MIT and then to work for a decade in large technology consulting projects. During the pandemic he realized that even though failure is very likely in new enterprises, he could not stand around and do nothing while this idea kept swimming in his head. Therefore, with the support of his wife, 6-month old child, dog and cat, he set out to build something to increase the visibility of reuse materials and help everyone join in on the circular economy.

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