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Prices for everything are sky high, but you still want to get high quality materials for your home without paying an arm and a leg. We have the answer. Secondhand remodeling materials. Recently we covered what these materials are, why you should buy them and some places to find them. Today we want to highlight some more resources for buying secondhand remodeling material. We have a full page here. But in summary, of you are in the DMV area, here are some reuse stores with great selection. And please reach out to us if you have any questions about any of these!

DMV Area Reuse stores

In the nation, there is a list of architectural salvage stores here:

Directory of Architectural salvage stores in the US compiled by This Old House

And we also want to highlight Murco Recycling, which has an amazing selection and some of the nicest material we have seen.

There are also some other companies in the US that are working to keep things from the landfill including:

Till next time!

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